Why Men Need a Primary Care Doctor

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It’s been said that men don’t like to go to the doctor. They often wait until something goes wrong to seek medical treatment. This approach to healthcare makes it more challenging to get the best care when something urgent does happen. The relationship between you and your primary doctor can help keep you healthier and reduce the risk of developing some serious conditions. TrustCare Express Medical Clinics offer the benefits of a primary care doctor with the ease and convenience of a walk-in clinic.

Why Do I Need a Primary Care Doctor?

In a way, your primary care doctor is the overseer of all your healthcare needs. He/she monitors your health and conditions, refers you to specialists when needed, and prescribes screening tests appropriate for your age and risk factors. Ideally, you and your primary care doctor will work together to catch problems early before they have time to develop into something more serious.

Having a primary care physician can even save you a lot of money. Controlling chronic diseases and conditions like heart disease and diabetes is one way you’ll reduce healthcare costs. Another is by reducing your out-of-pocket contribution not covered by your health insurance company. While several screening tests are paid 100% by your health insurance, more advanced diagnostics, treatments, and medications often aren’t.

Most health insurance companies require you to have a primary care doctor. Patients can’t decide to schedule expensive diagnostic tests on their own. It is up to your primary care physician to determine your current needs and schedule tests and/or appointments with specialists as indicated by your condition or symptoms. Without the referral from your primary care physician, you’ll be responsible for the entire cost upfront. Also, many of these services aren’t offered without a referral from your primary care doctor. You don’t want to wait until you need specialty care to start the process of finding a primary care doctor.

One reason that men don’t like to go to the doctor is that they are afraid of finding out what might be wrong. If you make the effort to find a doctor you feel comfortable with, you’ll be more likely to get the preventive care you need. Having a doctor who knows your medical and family history is to your advantage. It also makes it easier to talk about your symptoms and your concerns.

When Should I See My Primary Care Doctor?

At a minimum, men should see their primary care doctor annually for a regular wellness exam. As you get older, your doctor will advise you on the age-appropriate screenings you should undergo. If you have chronic medical conditions or diseases, you’ll probably need to go more often. The same is true for men with a higher-than-average risk for certain conditions. It’s important to follow your primary care doctor’s advice and keep your appointments.

You also need to schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor any time you experience new symptoms or changes in your body. Don’t put off discussing something new until your next wellness visit.

Choosing a Primary Care Doctor

Most primary care doctors are general practitioners, doctors of internal medicine, or family medicine. Make sure that the doctor you choose is in your insurance company’s network. Choose someone who is accepting new patients and that you think you will feel comfortable with.

The relationship you develop with your primary care doctor will help you a great deal over time. The ability to talk comfortably with them will make it easier to discuss your concerns. It isn’t a matter of deciding what to tell them and what to keep to yourself. The more details you share with your primary care doctor, the more they’ll be able to help you get and stay healthy.

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