Stop Suffering Every Time The Seasons Change

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Do you ever feel like you’re allergic to the best time of year? It’s inevitable for a lot of people that, as soon as winter is over and spring time rolls around, it becomes more challenging to be outside and enjoy the changing seasons. Once the temperatures go up, so do the pollen counts in the air, bringing on the effects of seasonal allergies. In fact, Jackson, Mississippi, has ranked number one for the past few years as one of the allergy capitals in the US by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. This is due to the humidity, amount of pollen in the air, and the foliage, including grassestrees, and weeds.

Who Has Allergies?

Few people are immune to the effects of allergies, with an estimated 50 million Americans feeling the strain personally, while creating a cost of over $18 million of healthcare expenses. Allergies are most common in the spring and fall, due to plants, grass, weeds, airborne mold, and pollen. The release of pollens, which can travel for miles, especially when it is windy, causes the release of histamines in the body. Histamines are a reaction from your immune system, aiding to rid your body of harmful allergens. This is what triggers the common allergy responses of runny nose, watery eyes, itchiness, and headaches.

How Can I Avoid The Effects Of Seasonal Allergies?

Avoiding seasonal allergy problems isn’t always simple. You can’t avoid going outside for the entire season, but there are some precautions you can take to lesson the effects. While it might be tempting to open the windows to enjoy some fresh air, that isn’t recommended since it will bring pollen spores into your home. You should also regularly change and machine wash and dry all clothes you wear outside, and avoid wearing your outdoor clothes in the house for a long time. Pollen can attach itself to your clothing, and by bringing it inside, can affect you for longer than just the amount of time you spent outside. Same goes for pets. If you have an animal that spends significant time outdoors, make sure to bathe the animal frequently. While you can’t avoid going outside, you should try to go out less in the middle of the day, which is when the pollen counts in the air are the highest. You can consult weather websites to determine what days will have higher pollen counts and try to plan your outdoor activities accordingly. Lastly, you should switch up your exercise routine and spend more time working out indoors instead of outside.

Should I Get An Allergy Test?

If your runny nose, watery eyes, congestion, sneezing, and cough seem to coincide with the changing seasons, it’s time for you to have an allergy test. While many doctors give a skin prick, or scratch test, to determine allergies to a panel of various common allergens, TrustCare Express Medical Clinics offer a simple blood test to determine what you are allergic to. These tests cover 36 regionally specific environmental inhalants and 25 specific food allergens. We also offer allergy drops as an alternative to shots to many of our patients, making the allergies easier to bear. Stop in at one of TrustCare Express Medical Clinics convenient locations to discuss your allergies and determine what testing and treatments are available.

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